Cloud based Business Intelligence, Reporting & Data Analytics Product that gives you a single comprehensive view of your most critical business data

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Why Choose METEOR?

Meteor is more than just an analytics tool.

Affordable Cost

BI & Reporting cannot get simpler and affordable than this! Focus on your core business; leave the hard work to us. With our flexible plans provided, even let your clients access and appreciate your work published on METEOR through intuitive dashboards / storyboards.

Super Fast Insights

With the bigdata in-memory architecture, data gets directly ingested from source systems to distributed target system(s) on the fly. Complex calculations & aggregations are done on the in-memory layer, giving blazing fast insights on the data.

Quick Connect

In a matter of a few clicks, you can connect to a wide variety of sources ranging from Databases (MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLServer, Progress), Flat Files (CSV, XLS TXT), Webservices (SalesForce, GoogleAnalytics, etc.) and other sources.

Secure & Scalable

METEOR's architecture & security policies, ensures security & confidentiality of customer data is of top priority and is given utmost importance. METEOR also adheres to the security policies defined by the hosting provider.

Automatic Drilldowns Available Need to build Hierarchies
Natural Language to generate Reports Available Need third party vendors
Out of the box Predictive Insights Available Not yet available
Deployment and Configuration Days 25 days or above
Turn Around time for one report Minutes A day or two
Drag and Drop Mashup from multiple data sources Available Complex

Features & Details

Mobile ready high performace dashboards

Smart/Auto Discovery

METEOR's auto data discovery engine crawls through the metadata of source systems and auto-generates reports without human intervention.

Predictive Analytics

METEOR seamlessly integrates with 'R' statistical language through RServe, for implementing predictive models like linear / multinomial / polynomial regression, clustering, classification, random forest & others.

Fuse discreet data

METEOR's architecture allows Organizations to fuse & merge (mashup) data coming from discrete data sources to a common BigData source with drag-drop-link, thereby creating a single source of truth, on which meaningful business insights can be generated.

User Friendly Interface

METEOR offers an intuitive, self serviced, easy-to-use, drag-and-drop features to prepare storyboards / dashboards with powerful visualizations like charts, pivots, summary tables, gauges, KPIs to empower and enable customers to explore and discover new insights on their business data..

Collaboration & Sharing

Publish your reports and make them accessible to users with/without logins. Schedule, email, export your reports in multiple formats like PDF, SVG, JPEG, or CSV.

Mobile Friendly

METEOR's user interface automatically renders just as well on phones or tablets. With a gentle tap of the screen, drill-down, uncover, collaborate data anytime & anywhere with your mobile device. With Meteor mobility, analyze data and share discoveries on-the-go.


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